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Ronald Ross' Memorial, Calcutta (Kolkata)

“It’s strange,” she said. “I’ve changed buses here hundreds of times. I can’t even begin to count how often I’ve walked past this wall. But I’ve never noticed that inscription up there.” this words are said by Urmila one of the major character of Amitava Ghosh's novel The Calcutta Chorosome.

Urmila, who happens to be a journalist, in Ghosh's best selling novel was not aware of the Ross Memorial. But Ghosh's Urmila is no exception great many of the Calcuttans are not aware of the memorial dedicated to Ronald Ross, Calcutta's first Nobel Laureate.

Located on the Western wall of the Presidency General (PG) Hospital, lies a arch shaped memorial dedicated to Ronald Ross, Nobel Prize winner of Medicine in 1902.

Ronald Ross (1857 - 1932) studied malaria from 1881 to 1899. Finally on 1899 Ross, working at the PG hospital discovered that malaria was caused by anopheles mosquito.

Sadly the culturally active Calcuttans have forgotten Ross and his memorial lies in utter neglect.

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