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“Char chak, chodda para, tin ghat; ei neye Rajbalhat” (four crossing, fourteen localities and three bathing areas; consists of Rajbalhat) goes an old saying. Today Rajbalhat is a non descriptive town in the Jangipara block of Hooghly district but its history dates back to the 16th century when it was the capital of the Bhursut (Bhurishrestha) Empire.

The strange idol of Rajballavi, about six feet in height, is white in colour and his left leg rests on the head of seated Birupakha Mhadev and right leg rest on the chest of Mahakal Bhairab. The right hand has a dagger while the left a sindoor case. The temple is still active and devotees from the surrounding region converge to Rajbalhat to pay tribute to the Goddess.

Rajbalhat also houses two terracotta temples, namely Sridhar Damodor (1724) and Radhakanta (1733). Both the aat chala temples have a triple arched entrance and the front face is covered with intricate terracotta.

Rajbalhat is also an important centre of textile industry and the battering of looms can still be heard. Women are seen spinning the charka and bobbins of thread are left to dry are a common sight.

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